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We had two window frames that had rotted.  I thought we were in for a big ticket window replacement event.  But these guys repaired the bad wood, repainted the windows which are now leak-free and look great!

Bobby W. in Leeds

A large tree had blown over after a storm.  Limbs and debris were everywhere!  The corner of our deck was damaged.  The Home Ready team was at our home within a day to clean the yard and start the repair work to our deck.  Their fee was less than our insurance deductible so we never even filed a claim.

Gracy and Bill F. in Meadowbrook

I have a small business in my home and wanted to create a new workspace in the garage.  New walls, a closet, new flooring,  four new electrical outlets.

I was very impressed with the team.  They kept a very clean work site, worked efficiently and finished well ahead of schedule and on budget.  

Tom D. in Vestavia

We were in the process of listing our home for sale.  Our realtor made note of several small but visible maintenance tasks that needed attention.  She recommended the Home Ready team.  Within a day they were on the job!  Very reasonable pricing, polite and professional men. 


Alissa and Jeffery K.  The Farms   

This was our first year to have Christmas lights on the house!  White lights lined the roof and it looked like a Christmas postcard.  My kids were thrilled.  Best of all my husband did not have to get on a ladder!  I have already reserved the date for next year.

Beth C. - Vestavia​

Not a big job but the security lights on the corner of the house went out several months ago.  We have a two story house and I was not about to climb a ladder that high.  These guys had a van with a bucket (like the phone company).  In a few minutes they had the bulbs changed out.  The best $65.00 I ever spent.

Robert F. - Greystone

We have Crepe Myrtle trees that had overgrown to the point that they were unattractive.  We had them trimmed and shaped and for the first time in years  we enjoyed seeing the beautiful blooms and greenery.  They hauled off all the clippings and left the yard in very good condition.  

Bonnie M.  in Homewood

My daughter moved into her first apartment.  I had this group come out to change all of the door locks and install a new Ring camera doorbell.  Very quick service, nice guys and fair pricing.  

Justin F. - Southside

I had two grab bars installed in my bathtub.  They are very secure and I am pleased with the service provided.  I will call again for other jobs when needed.

Mrs Ester - in Homewood

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