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Pressure washing can have many benefits for different areas of the home. It has become a go-to solution for different preparation and cleaning needs around the home that would otherwise take a much longer, intricate approach. Not convinced? Here’s why you should opt for environmentally friendly pressure washing.

1. Helps Protect Local Watersheds 

Throughout the country, different areas and municipalities have various laws regarding wastewater and standards to keep the environment as safe as possible.

By going with an environmentally friendly pressure

washing service, all necessary permits are filed by the

company. They can also reclaim wastewater to catch

any pollutants.

Of course, not all pressure washing companies are

clean and green, so you must remain cautious.

Take the time to research possible candidates and

ask them about their practices before committing

to a purchase.

2. Uses Little to No Chemicals

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, environmentally

friendly pressure washing uses fewer chemicals overall.

Some companies use eco-friendly pressure washing

chemicals exclusively, while others use none at all,

choosing only to rely on heated water and the right

level of pressure.

So, what is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer?

Look for pressure washing products that are guaranteed

to be eco-friendly or safe for the environment as well as

biodegradable. Stay away from pressure washing

chemicals that are caustic or harsh in any way, such as

those containing formaldehyde or bleach.

3. Safer and Healthier for Everyone

Pressure washing removes mold, mildew, algae, and other fungi, which can all be detrimental to your health (and your pet’s health). Eco-friendly power washing, which uses a higher level of heat, also effectively kills bacteria. On top of that, because environmentally friendly pressure washing uses little to no detergents, you’re less likely to inhale or ingest any toxins that could be harmful to your well-being.

If these points aren’t enough to convince you, pressure washing companies usually offer sealing services for concrete or pavers. Applying a sealant helps keep everyone safe by creating a non-slip coating.

4. Green Detergents

There are several products on the market that are good for your home and environment. Many green detergents rely on a mixture of mild soap and chemicals to create a biodegradable material when combined with water. Powder and liquid detergents can be found at most gardening or home improvement stores, with different formulas available for various surfaces and cleaning requirements. Both solutions can be applied directly to dirt/grime or used in a pressure washer. For extra cleaning power, first apply the detergent to a surface (allowing it to set in for several minutes) and then add it to the power washer for a second coating. 

5. Treat Small Stains with Vinegar

Vinegar may have a sour taste, but it’s pretty sweet when it comes to eco-friendly pressure washer solutions. It’s all-natural and it won’t harm plants, so you don’t have the added hassle of covering your garden before each cleaning. Start by pre-washing surfaces with hot water to loosen dirt and debris. This is advised when using any cleaning solution, but it’s especially important with natural materials that lack the cleaning power of stronger chemical compounds. Next, mix three parts vinegar to seven parts water for a solution that is potent enough to kill mold and mildew. For small stains, fill a spray bottle with undiluted vinegar, spray the affected area, and let it dry.

6. Citrus Oil

Like vinegar, citrus oil is a natural, non-toxic cleaning alternative. It’s used both inside and outside the house as it effectively removes grease, dirt, and other stains. Many homeowners prefer the sweet smell of citrus oil, as opposed to the chemical smells of many other cleaners.  Including the fake citrus scents. It also functions as a natural insect repellent. So, you may notice a decrease in your populations of spiders, bees, and other pests after a thorough washing. 

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