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   We are looking for REALTORS to Partner with us

We are actively seeking REALTORS who want to partner with us to help homeowners.  Homes that need work are slow to sell and in many cases generate low-ball offers.  Many homeowners just don't have the funds to make needed repairs.  That's where we come in. 
  • We will make the repairs and improvements and, if needed, wait until closing to be paid. 
  • You List & Sell the Property

We require this homeowner to work with one of our "Preferred REALTORS" when they participate in our Pay at Closing program; and here is why. 

1.   We want a Professional REALTOR to walk the homeowner through the sales process
2.  We want a Professional REALTOR that can advise the homeowner on what repairs and 
     improvements need to be made to better position the property for a faster more profitable sale
2.  We need a credible market evaluation of the property (before and after improved value)
3.  We need the property adaquestly marketed for sale to generate a fast turn-around
4.  We need our Professional REALTOR partner to run an initial title review of the property to identify
     liens beyond a first mortgage

It is important for you to know, this is NOT a discount real estate sales program - you should earn your standard fee for the job you do.   The benefit to the homeowner is the connection we make to you and the work we do (with limited out-of-pocket costs to the homeowner) to the property to help it sell faster and for top dollar.  
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We are working with only a limited number of REALTORS in each market area.  Reserve your spot now!

How to contact us: 

205. 910. 5510

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